What is Crossroads?

Say hello to Crossroads – it's the path connecting Publicis Groupe Hungary’s awesome past to its vibrant present to build a lasting bond. It's our way of creating the space and time to keep you in the loop and staying connected. Welcome to Crossroads, where the journey is just as exciting as the destination! 

What to expect as a Crossroader

By signing up, you get access to perks such as an annual event that offers a great opportunity to mingle with fellow alumni. You'll receive a newsletter 4 times a year to keep you updated on what we’re up to and special invitations to conferences providing unique networking and learning opportunities. Moreover, you will get access to internal events quarterly held at Publicis House, offering you a chance to hang out with former colleagues and expand your network by connecting with new ones. 

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4 reasons to sign up today


Crossroads provides a platform for continuous development through networking events, and industry insights, aiding you in staying updated and relevant.


Benefit from a broad and diverse professional network, offering opportunities for collaboration, and business ventures.


The program creates a sense of community, allowing you to stay connected with former colleagues, share experiences, and get feedback on general professional topics.


Gain access to agency resources, including public industry updates, job opportunities, and exclusive events, enhancing your knowledge and career prospects.