Career Day

How is advertising born?

Many people working together, creating something. OR. Strategy, media, production, and creatives working together on a brief to meet the KPIs. The two sentences are the same, but the second one is frightening. On our career day, we try to answer your questions and show how we do the magic.

Learn, try and be advertising

We will make an ad together and complete each step of the process. If you are interested only in one part, no problem, but if you want to know more about how it’s done and realized, we will do it together. 

We will transform a business case into a communication case and write a brief together.
One of the big questions in communication: How can we reach our target group? Where are they? What are they doing? Let’s talk about it!
We’ll work together to come up with an idea and execution of the brief.
We’ll have a photo shoot in the production studio to make our ad. The final product could be the first work in your portfolio.

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