Same love, same trust, same care

We launched another campaign in support of LGBTQ+ families to show that for the things that matter, there’s no difference. Family is family.

We have been working together with the Foundation for Rainbow Families (Szivárványcsaládokért Alapítvány) for more than a year now, and the #same (#ugyanaz) campaign is our second collaboration to give voice to LGBTQ+ families in Hungary. It draws attention to the fact that children growing up in rainbow families are not granted similar rights as every other child – in the eyes of the law, only the biological or adoptive parent is considered a parent, and joint adoption is unfortunately not possible.

In the campaign, we showed – from the perspective of two plush rabbits – how similar the daily life of rainbow families is compared to other families: they experience the same love, same trust, and same care. Yet, rainbow families are required to face difficult situations whenever they want to do basic things like sign up their children for nursery or kindergarten, or if they want to replace their ID, or simply leave the country for a holiday.

The plush figures in the short films were designed by Írisz Agócs, and actors Patrícia Kovács and János Kulka gave their voices in support for LGBTQ+ families.
This campaign was super important to us, as we also firmly believe that all families with children deserve equal rights, opportunities and support. Because family is family.