A day in the life of a strategist

Ever wondered how a strategist’s mind works? Or how their day looks like? Read on to find out all the interesting details.

An interview with our Strategic Planning Director, Lilla Ocskay

Kreatív Magazin is the leading monthly magazine in communications, aimed at decision makers in media, PR, marketing and advertisement. To commemorate their 30th birthday, they selected 11 people from the creative industry and did a portrait series with them about their jobs. Lilla Ocskay, Strategic Planning Director of Publicis Groupe Hungary was one of these people.

She reveals how strategists are often viewed as lone wolves hiding in a room, who say smart things occasionally, but it’s clearly a misconception. She believes that working closely with creatives right from the start can result in more valuable products.

Read the full interview with Lilla on Kreatív and get to know more about her background and what strategists do.