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Transform your passion for marketing and media into a supercharged career! 💥Buckle up and join School of Big Ideas for a media journey like no other.

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The Media Masterclass: Learn from industry pros and ready to level up your media game! This 11-part e-learning is your ticket to become a media maestro. 🌟

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Propel yourself into the spotlight! At the end of the course, the most promising grads will may get a chance to become media interns at the Publicis Groupe Hungary. And yes, we do pay our interns. 💰 No pro bono shenanigans here!

Ignite Your Creativity

Expect sparks to fly as you delve into the thrilling world of media creativity! 🌈

The course – here are the deets

Not just another boring course


No snoozefests here! Our e-learning may not be interactive, but we’ll try to make it as interesting and diverse as possible.

The Full Picture

The courses cover everything you need to know about both traditional and emerging media, including basics like media planning & buying, vital digital tools and measuring campaign results.📷

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Don't let this chance slip through your fingers. Apply now and join "School of Big Ideas!"🌌

Media Marvels

Learn the ins and outs of media by getting through our e-learning created by industry pros.💥

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Participation in theoretical courses is free of charge – just the way we like it.🗽

IT’s all in English, innit?

Yes, it is.

When and where?

Intern testimonials

„It gave me a perspective that I couldn't have experienced in such a practical way during my university years.”

„I realized that the media is a much more complex and diverse field than I previously thought. Through the program, I managed to combine creativity with analytics.”

We’re looking for your if you…

  • Speak English fluently
  • Are student or fresh grad ready to start life with a capital L 🍾
  • Know your way around a laptop and that scary thing we call the Internet 🌐

That’s it – we’re interested in you, not your qualifications.

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