Are you ready to meet PAT?

We got the chance to bring PAT, Heidelberg’s latest artificial intelligence software, to life in a series of campaigns. Our mission was to give PAT a unique, friendly, and relatable voice, kind of like a colleague, only digital. Read on for a sneak peek on how we introduced Heidelberg’s artificially intelligent colleague to the world.

Meet PAT, the near-perfect colleague, if you work in print shop, that is. PAT stands for Performance Advisor Technology, and acts like a digital consultant of sorts for Heidelberg’s printing systems.

PAT is almost the perfect consultant: He’ll give you real advice for improvement, show benefits and savings visually, delivers easily digestible charts and data, as well as monitors the printing process and recommends suitable optimisation measures to make your business more effective.

Why only “almost perfect”? Well, PAT won’t join you for drinks after office hours. Not cause PAT is anti-social, but cause PAT is the latest innovative artificial intelligence software for Heidelberg. And, not only is PAT a landmark for Heidelberg, but it’s the first AI-based software in the printing industry, putting Heidelberg ahead of its competitors.

You can think of PAT like a virtual colleague, and we helped Heidelberg bring PAT to life with our digital campaign from online videos and social media campaigns to GDN (Google Display Network) and a landing page. We worked with the brand as the lead agency, here in Budapest, creating the campaign in four languages, which will run in various locations across the globe. You can check out our video we made for PAT here.