Digital Storytelling with Telekom for Children’s Day

Telekom found a way for older siblings to connect with younger ones and talk about the issues of living online for Children’s Day with a story-making microsite.

The mission

Younger and older children don’t often find common ground with each other, but in the digital age, there is a way that a bridge can be built to help them collaborate and understand each other better.

Quarantine has been hard for everyone, especially children. Locked in within four walls, children have had to turn to the internet for company and entertainment and live their lives online. Not only has the isolation been damaging to children’s mental health, but cyberbullying, online addiction, and depression spurred on by social media have all been contributing factors.

In an ever-changing time, full of new challenges, the power of cooperation has never been more important.

It’s for this reason that Telekom wanted to reach out to children living in families with siblings of different ages, to help them connect more and also took on the mission to educate younger kids about how to use the internet safely.

Creating the story generator

We created a microsite where kids could create their own customized story together, with characters being based on both the older or younger sibling, where they can navigate the challenges of an online world in an entertaining and fun way. The tale was executed in co-operation with a professional storyteller and illustrator, but some of the external attributes of the two main characters were user defined.

This way, they could not only share their stories with family and friends but discuss the topics involved, too.

The challenge

The main challenge we had was that we only had one month to create the templates for the tale, program the microsite, create the creative materials, and get the right teen influencers. It seemed like an impossible task back in early April, but we had the site up and live right on schedule at 8 am on May 30.

The execution

In addition to the microsite, which went live between May 30 and June 27, we also had an ad campaign to go with it. Telekom’s website and app pushed the story-telling microsite, and Telekom’s headquarters promoted it with a giant LED wall. We also had a strong social media campaign, with influencer content running on Instagram and TikTok.