Fun and games above the city with Samsung

As part of an ongoing partnership with Samsung, we’ve brought the world’s first video game to the big screen, above one of Budapest’s busiest intersections.


Originally released back in 1972, Pong is considered by many to be the world’s first video game. Pong’s simple gameplay and highly social nature (the game was multiplayer-only) have destined it to leave a lasting influence on the industry and pop culture.
Which is why when Samsung asked us to come up with something fun for their 12-metre wide screen, located atop one of Oktogon’s palatial buildings, we immediately thought of using this iconic digital test of reaction times as an inspiration for our newest activation, launched just a few days before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The result: a four-week long outdoor campaign celebrating sports and togetherness that simultaneously runs on your smartphone and on an LED-screen towering five stories high above one of Budapest’s busiest intersections.

The game

Tennis? Soccer? Water-polo? Table-tennis? Handball? Whichever sport you fancy, Samsung has given you the chance to prove that you’re the best – on an enormous interactive screen, with a different game to compete in each day.
The rules are simple: position yourself in front of 3 Oktogon so that you’re facing the Samsung screen on the other side of the square, connect your phone to the dedicated Wi-Fi channel (or scan the QR code from the nearby citylight), fill out the short registration form, wait for your gaming partner to arrive, and voilà: the ball is already in the court!

The prizes

Although it’s the taking part that counts, winning isn’t too bad, either – especially if your prize for beating your opponent is a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, capable of capturing cinematic 8K video and snapping epic stills, while boasting Galaxy’s fastest chipset, strongest glass, and an all-day battery.
And what if someone’s played a great game, but in the end has lost the challenge? As a gesture of Samsung’s goodwill, they still had a chance to bring home one of the three Samsung Galaxy Watch3s, which combine smartphone level productivity and sophisticated health technology in one classic, premium device.