School of Big Ideas – Trainee Q&A

In our School of Big Ideas program for young talents interested in the media world, two applicants had the opportunity to gain insight into the daily operations of the Publicis Groupe Hungary media team as interns. We interviewed them to share their experiences.

What was your impression of the media world before hearing about the School of Big Ideas program?

Noémi Mihalik: It was based mostly on stereotypes and information from my studies. Media sounded to be mainly about creativity, and I also wanted to know the role of data and analytics for it to make sense.

Luca Takács: I came from a completely different background; I didn’t know anyone who was familiar with this world. All my ideas were based on indirect experience so I didn’t know what to imagine. For example, in my mind, a marketing agency was the same as a media agency. 

How much has this changed as a result of your participation?

Noémi Mihalik: It was a pleasant disappointment for me. I realized media is more complex and multifaceted than I had previously thought. Through the program, I was able to combine creativity with analytics. As a marketing student, the School of Big Ideas helped me see the industry more directly. It gave me a perspective that I could not have experienced in such a practical way during my university years.

Luca Takács: The e-learning itself has given me a body of knowledge I will not have the opportunity to learn and master during my university studies. I finally got a more realistic picture and I started to understand which areas interest me the most.

School of Big Ideas by Publicis Groupe Hungary

The free 11-part School of Big Ideas e-learning, launched by the media team, will introduce candidates to the world of marketing and media, including basics such as media planning and buying, vital digital tools, and measuring campaign results. Following the e-learning, candidates can also gain an internship opportunity with the media team at Publicis Groupe Hungary. Click here for more information.

What was the most significant “aha” moment you experienced in the School of Big Ideas media program?

Noémi Mihalik: For me, it was the moment when I realized how important the role of data and analytics is in media. During a campaign analysis, I saw how different data and metrics can influence decisions and make marketing strategies more effective.

Luca Takács: There was a constant “aha” moment, but the biggest one was when we had to collectively apply the knowledge we had gained during the meet & greet session. This is where I realized how many different things we took away from the program and how much easier it is to solve a problem together when we come from different backgrounds and contribute varied ideas.

How do you see the skills and talent required for different areas of media?

Noémi Mihalik: People with a strategic way of thinking, problem-solving skills, and a flair for understanding customer goals will find it easier to get a job in the media world. Good communication skills are essential character traits, and flexibility is also necessary as the media is a fast-moving field.

Luca Takács: I think there’s no need to generalize based on media fields. Just as it’s ideal for a campaign to run across multiple platforms, it’s great to think beyond a single type of media, so having an integrated mindset and willingness to learn continuously is beneficial. To be able to handle the day-to-day tasks effectively, it’s essential to understand the big picture. You must face your weaknesses and have the courage to ask questions. The most important thing is self-awareness because the media world is changing quickly, and only those who know what they need and what they need to learn can make changes.

After 11 suitable e-learning courses, was there a specific media area that most interested you?

Noémi Mihalik: Yes, it was the world of digital marketing that most caught my interest. Not only is this field dynamic and exciting, but it also can effectively follow current consumer trends.

Luca Takács: I saw the most significant potential in digital media platforms before the course. This hasn’t changed; at most, I have only broadened the scope, as I have been introduced to new or old things with more layers and from a different perspective.

What is it like to gain first-hand insight into the media world as a trainee? What are your first impressions of agency life?

Noémi Mihalik: As an intern, it’s an exhilarating experience. It allowed me to be directly involved in campaigns and understand client and agency dynamics. My first impressions include the fast pace, the importance of being involved in the creative process, and the fact that the strategies used in real life often differ from the material presented to us at the university. This experience helped me adapt to the natural working environment and develop my professional skills further.

Luca Takács: Every day, I learn something new and can see the practical application of the material presented in the e-learning that I can practice. In an agency, there is everything: the opportunity to understand the “bigger picture” and learn about the specifics of the different exciting areas.