Spotlight on Judit Vincze

Step into the world of Judit Vincze, the CFO of Publicis Groupe Hungary. Her inspiring path—from KPMG to steering financial strategies for Saatchi & Saatchi. Join her as she reflects on pivotal moments, lessons learned, and the pursuit of excellence in a dynamic career.

Discover the empowering story of Judit, featured in the ‘Publicis Groupe CEE Lioness’ series. From her beginnings at KPMG to navigating the advertising world of the 90s, Judit unveils her career milestones and challenges. She shares memorable experiences, including a standout presentation, and offers valuable insights on success, building strong teams, and embracing flexibility.

As part of the ‘Embrace Gender Equity’ initiative, Judit encourages young female talent to balance life’s roles, accept imperfections, and relish the journey of personal and professional growth.

You can read the full interview on LBBOnline.