Meet Zsofia Komaromi

In the Lioness series of the Publicis Groupe CEE ‘Embrace Gender Equity’ initiative, we introduce Zsofia Komaromi, the Chief Talent Officer of Hungary.

As part of Publicis Groupe Central & Eastern Europe’s (CEE) ‘Embrace Gender Equity’ initiative that was launched during this year’s International Women’s Day on March 8, the company created a special series ‘Publicis Groupe CEE Lioness’ designed to showcase and spotlight its many female talent and leaders across the CEE region, celebrating their experiences and important roles they play within the company. Get to know the Publicis Groupe CEE Lionesses through their stories in this series.

Zsofia Komaromi’s career journey has been a blend of curiosity, hard work, and luck, taking her from being a literature student to her current position as Chief Talent Officer. In her interview on LBBO, she talked about her most memorable career experience, which was at Publicis Groupe, where her team achieved remarkable milestones and won awards for diversity initiatives. She emphasizes that success is synonymous with great teamwork. She believes what makes her team truly special is that they’re not only dedicated and highly skilled professionals in their fields, but they also embody empathy, openness, and humility, making them truly exceptional human beings. She feels fortunate to lead and be part of this team.

One of her significant challenges was facing age and gender-related biases as the youngest person at the table early in her career. Reflecting on this, she shares, “Still, over time, I learned to value my contributions and the perspective my ‘youthful’ opinion brought to the table. I stopped trying to prove my worth by pretending to be older or more experienced than I was in professional spaces…this has also been one of the most important lessons in my career journey.”

Her tips for success include embracing uniqueness, advocating for oneself, and being confident. She advises, “Be confident about what you know, what you’ve achieved, and what you aspire to. Don’t be afraid to speak up about it. This self-advocacy can bring recognition, opportunities, career growth, and boost your confidence.”

You can read the full interview on LBBOnline.