Zsuzsa Polgar: A Publicis Groupe CEE Lioness

Zsuzsa’s journey into advertising began with a teenage dream: “When I was around 18 years old, I read an article about Saatchi New York in a magazine. I remember the article talked about rebel creativity and Saatchi’s credo, ‘Nothing is impossible.’ I was like, ‘I wish one day I could work for this cool company.’ And five years later, I got in.”

Her career flourished with diverse projects, where she gained expertise in brand building and digital strategies: “This was the start of my journey with P&G – with a five-market coordination for ATL, creation of ATL campaigns end to end for the biggest brands of P&G including Ariel, Pampers, Blend-a-Med and Blend-a-Dent.”

Reflecting on memorable experiences, Zsuzsa shares the impact of participating in Saatchi’s ‘Ideas Academy’ and the successful collaboration on the Pampers Club operation: “I consider myself very lucky because over the course of my career, I have had many memorable experiences. I was part of the (super cool) ‘Ideas Academy’ that Saatchi used to organize, or ‘Tribes’ workshops led by the great John Pallant.”

Discussing the most important tips on achieving success, Zsuzsa highlights the importance of finding her inner drive or strength to look at things from multiple perspectives and NOT be defined by a ‘this is how it has always been’ way of thinking. She believes that this industry taught her how important it is to challenge the status quo, but more importantly, to challenge herself (to succeed). “No matter how successful your business unit is, how good your team is, or how much growth you have delivered so far, there’s only one constant in the industry, and that is ‘change’.”

Zsuzsa’s career serves as a testament to the dynamic nature of the advertising industry, emphasizing the importance of passion, transparency, and collaboration for personal and professional growth.

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